Founded in 2013 in Singapore, Glints has empowered more than 1.5 million professionals and 30,000 organizations to realize their human potential. Last month, Glints announced the close of US$22.5 Million in an oversubscribed round led by Tokyo-listed PERSOL Holdings, marking the largest investment round into a career platform in Southeast Asia.

We're stoked to introduce our tech blog to share our learnings over the past years and the engineering challenges a fast-growing startup of our maturity faces. This blog will cover all things tech, from the nitty gritty tech challenges we face to the organisation wide challenges faced by us.

In the process of sharing our learnings and challenges, we hope to help people and organisations facing similar problems, get feedback from people who've been there done that and to give future engineers a peek of our engineering culture.

To know more about Glints, head on to (We're hiring!).

Hope you have a fun time reading through our learnings and challenges :)